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TNT: Conversations with my Twin

Do  you have a relative/friend who just makes you feel so free to be you that it's like you aren't your complete self when they aren't around? It's like they are your twin?

I have a cousin/ God Sister who taps into my humanity like no other.

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I'm like Pop-eye, but she is like my spinach .
 I just feel more able to "do me" when she is around. And when she isn't, I know that things would be different if she was in the building!She emboldens the hell out of me and I ground her; I  still don't know if that is a good or bad thing.
For example:

Born sinner: I cheated on my boyfriend.

 photo 50899-Ellen-Page-gif-HR4p.gif
                                              "I was born sinning, but I live better than that"

Word, finally a rap song about being introspective and making a decision to just live better even though life is crazy and has you surrounded by people who will oft times convince you to do stuff you shouldn't....or try to convince you to live your life, according to their plan. It's sinful:  Ellen thinks so too-I love when people just "do them"

Moving on to real life...The woman who was washing the "NSSO's" underwear at her house, kept hitting me up on facebook saying happy birthday and liking my sexy pics (all of my pics are default sexy)...She is all "free", so this probably means she wants to have sex with me, but even if I could get past this betrayal of the "G Code" , as Nene Leakes calls it, I still wouldn't be bothered with her-even if I could rent my worst enemies vagina to do  so...

Fast forward, I entered a new "real relationship", while I was angry about what happened in my previous relationship and still unsure about feelings for the the other person in my new "real relationship". Furthermore, I have had enough bad experiences to have moments where I am like:
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So getting into a relationship is well, ...a Bad idea!
 But  bad ideas are seductive, so I did it anyway...


On Love: Do you really sleep with white women? do you feel bad about it?

So my mom dated Ving Rhames. Legend has it, he cooked her dinner in his home-but she didn't like him...But she never likes anyone cool.

She messed it up for my brother and I;  our dad could've been a movie star, an underrated movie star who once dressed as a woman, but a movie star none the less...Anyhow: My first experience with Ving was a little less personal:

 I saw him in the film Holiday Heart; (the snippet is one of my favorite scene) It made me think, about love and the Holidays: What does it mean to love? Granted when you are into someone, you recognize the flaws in their humanity, but you can look past it, generally , everything becomes negligible.  However, we cant always count on the people in our family, friend circle and other "informed outsiders"to be so diplomatic. This can often add all sorts of:
 photo 13891033.gif
to your recipe for "grand love, especially now  that we are in the throes of the holiday season.


Grammar: why, how and where it matters may surprise you...

So...I online date...
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Yeah, I know,  many people think its a horrible idea; because I am too good looking, too successful (cough ! cough!) and too together (hack cough) to seek a mate online...

 photo tumblr_mjf8l3rJXy1qatmzjo4_500.gifThis is utter B.S.! The people you meet online are the same maladaptive antisocial folks you could meet at a networking event, a job, the train, a club or on the street. The person, of the online profile, does live somewhere...the place they live: real life.

Bitter Medicine of Adulthood: choosing and choices

Some choices we makes for ourselves in life , and some we make for other people; not because we don't love them, but because we do.The only way we know its right, is if it lats us stay true to ourselves...but, we cant regret our choices:
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well, at least, that's what they say, in clever TV shows that only last twenty minutes and revolve around the impossible; prostitutes with swollen bank accounts and many private lovers who want to take them off the auction block despite how they have been used...London must be so liberal. I loved that show. Also, this guy certainly echos this sentiment as well; he certainly made a choice and is without regret. Though I suppose, if you are going to kill someone , you shouldn't regret it-but his reasoning is just humorous in  the most macabre way...Anyway!


Abstinence: A new perspective, not about the value of your vagina, but about valuing your vagina..

 photo 13878531.gif

Prior to my last partner, I hadn't had sex in over two years...This article inspired me to write on it

Problem: Whenever, I got close enough to someone to warrant this kind of personal revelation, I would always get the:
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  • why haven't you been having sex?
  •  you are such a pretty girl?
  •  Is it because you are crazy?
  •  do you have something?
  •  Are you a prude?"

The answers (had I chosen to entertain such ignorance) would have been like this:

     photo tumblr_mhm0kyAs1j1qen4j5o4_r1_250.gif
  •  blank stare
  •  So, pretty girl =sex fiend (Judge mathis voice) ?
  •  I have been called crazy and on occasion I have acted so-but it's always been provoked.  Crazy by me has never been performed in a vacum.
  •  I do have something...lupus-I am afraid it's incommunicable-because I'd love to share it with you!
  • Heavens no!


Why working on Thanksgiving is not tantamount to 12 years a slave...

Everyone doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.(cue the American Indian)

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In addition, everyone doesn't want to work holidays, making time and a half / triple time. However, if you want to make some extra money, you should have the option to.

 photo 89d5ffb089ab0f4c2a1e1f2b1761a0d3e9979400d72ebba847ce89636c6f3eb5.gif
His choice